Spectacularly successful debut novel, a page-turner, clear and forceful, intricate and gripping, sensitive and utterly convincing, dry, delicious humor.

Gregor Benton, Professor of Chinese Studies, Cardiff University.


Yue Tao is a novelist, essayist, business storyteller, and intercultural trainer. Born and raised in Shanghai, she has lived in Amsterdam since 2000. Her articles and stories appear in English and Chinese newspapers, magazines, and multimedia.


Shanghai Blue (World Editions, 2015) is Yue Tao's debut novel. It is also available in Chinese 红蟋蟀 (Flower City Publishing House, 2012) and Dutch Schemering boven Shanghai (Uitgeverij De Geus, 2015). Yue Tao's second novel 一夜之差 is released in China in January 2019.


With the intricate suspense and tension of a thriller plus the unpredictability and uninhibited disclosure of a modern love story, this is a novel to enjoy. - Yen-Ming Chiu, author of Holland Pastoral Idyll, Following Van Gogh’s Footprints, and other books

A brilliant debut on the ties that bind in fast-changing Shanghai.

World Editions

Book Launch Schemering boven Shanghai (in English)

Introduction by Peter Potman, former Dutch Consul General to Shanghai


  • I have found a balance between my home and host countries—visiting China is a stimulus; living in Holland allows reflection, concentration, application. I need both.

  • Writing lets me understand myself and my culture better. Wherever I go, I am thoroughly Chinese; the farther I go and the longer I stay away, the more Chinese I feel.

  • It was only when I went abroad that I realized writing also entails disengagement, observation, empathy, and reflection—writing needs distance.